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How to extract tagged data and text from TEI file?
6 3 years
finding a programmer for a digital edition
2 Kevin Hawkins 3 years
How might DH take advantage of "Heads Up Displays" (i.e. Google Glass)?
2 5 years
What do you want to learn from the Programming Historian?
6 acrymble 5 years
Resources for sharpening programming skills?
7 dot.porter 6 years
Should DH matter to coders?
3 6 years
Best way to create COinS or other metadata from TEI using XSLT?
8 6 years
DOMDocument and UTF-8
9 inactinique 6 years
Recommended resources for introducing programming to kids?
5 jbj 6 years
Is there an algorithm that can match approximate blocks of text?
6 Stéfan Sinclair 7 years
Why does XSLT require weird formatting when I include javascript files?
7 7 years
What's wrong with python?
6 Jim Allman 7 years
Jython too good to be true??
8 Daniel Allington 7 years