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So, what is this Q&A forum, and what can I do here? 7 Bethany Nowviskie 8 years
Good 3D scanners to use alongside a 3D printer?
1 aelang 2 years
Tech Foundation for a DH Center Lab
5 Arno Bosse 3 years
OK, I just joined and saw the highlighted question about what this q and a is
5 Bethany Nowviskie 5 years
Are any libraries using Neatline?
7 mdalmau 5 years
What other types of questions can we be asking here?
6 briancroxall 5 years
Standardized/recommended terms to categorize digital humanities projects?
5 Annelie Rugg 6 years
Who are notable individuals or organizations involved in DH in the Boston area?
2 Ethan Gruber 6 years
Join the dh_developers list? 2 Bethany Nowviskie 7 years
How can we improve the DHanswers site? - 23 40 Arno Bosse 7 years
Where might I find resources and literature regarding diversity and DH?
5 elotroalex 7 years
What type of projects can be done in Digital Humanities? 3 Julie Meloni 7 years
How can I find answers, get my questions answered, & help DHanswers grow? 5 Bethany Nowviskie 8 years
how do I change my user thumbnail for dhanswers?
3 nkelber 8 years
How can I change my DHanswers profile picture?
3 Jennifer Vinopal 8 years
What is Digital Humanities?
8 Elizabeth Glascock 8 years